One click checkout

Faster and easier checkout with Lunar

When you pay with Lunar online, you’ll quickly get through to checkout. Enter your number and approve the payment with a swipe. Afterward, your purchase is completed. You can either enter your address, card number, or account number. This way, you don’t have to approve with NemID and 3D Secure. It doesn’t get any easier than that.


Easy and secure payment

Fast checkout

No Visa card fees

Faster and easier checkout with Lunar

As a Lunar user, you can pay faster than ever. Simply enter your number and approve with a swipe. Simply enter your number and approve with a swipe.

Why are we offering merch?

Our merch is in high demand. That’s what our digital channels are telling us. So, now we’ve made it possible for all Lunar users to get their hands on it. Also, we love making economy easy for you – for example when it comes to your payment. That’s why we’ve made our own payment solution that enables you to shop faster than ever in our webshop. It’s secure too.

Are you a retailer?
Here’s how Lunar’s checkout solution can help you

The more customers who’ll finish their purchase in your shop, the more money you’ll make. With our payment solutions, you’re making sure even more finish their purchase since it’s so easy. All your customers have to do is to enter their phone number and then approve with a single swipe.

So, one thing is to get more conversations. Another thing is that the solution is secure and low-cost. Please contact us if you want us to help you grow your business.