What is Lunar?

Lunar is a digital bank without any physical branches. Yet we offer all the services you associate with a traditional bank; that being accounts, Visa cards, payment transfers, loans, MobilePay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and etc. On top of that we provide the best banking app experience in Denmark, where you can easily and securely […]

How can Lunar be free?

It’s completely free to sign up for Lunar and create an account, a Visa card and use our banking app. You don’t pay for transfers or receiving transactions nor do you pay fees to pay your bills. If you want more, you can upgrade to Premium in the app, and you can buy shares in […]

How do I get Lunar?

Download the Lunar app in the App Store or Google Play and sign up directly in the app. It only takes a few minutes and you need a passport or driver license and a valid Nem-ID to register.

Do I have to switch bank to get Lunar?

No, you don’t have to switch from your current bank to use Denmark’s best banking app. You can choose Lunar as your primary bank or use it as your secondary, if you don’t wish to shift from your current one. You also have the opportunity to connect your current bank account to Lunar when you […]